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The benevolent alien CLORG has come to Earth to create a travel and lifestyle show for consumption on his home planet, but he doesn’t realize the digital transmissions have been hacked by teen UFOLovers and posted on YouTube. 

These transmissions were not intended for human eyes!

CLORG hails from the planet Gugu-Gee, a colorful slimy orb which exists in the brightest galaxy (NGC-4696) of the constellation Centaurus (Centaurus Cluster). Gugu-Gee is approximately 145,000,000 light years from Earth.  Gugu-Gee-ans are a benevolent parasitic species — looking very much like worms, and they have the ability to inhabit a human body.  (But only if the person is already dead, a clone … or in rare cases in a living human with explicit permission to cohabitate.)

“GuGu-Gees jaKARa Pree-eeej”

Translation: “Spread the love, Gugu-Gee-ans!”

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