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More information about alien CLORG from Vacation Earth

CLORG arrived on the Earth on February 3rd, 1987. 

His species, from the faraway planet Gugu-Gee, are a parasitic race who look like glutinous worms before they inhabit a “host” body.  The following image files were “borrowed” from the Area 51 Top Secret archives. 

First up, a newspaper article from that fateful morning when CLORG’s ship landed in a sugar beet field in Heartwell, Nebraska …

Click image to enlarge.

Below, you may follow more Top Secret image files and read CLORG’s fantastic story … or you may enjoy hearing CLORG’s tale directly from COLONEL JEROME TULLY of the Area 51 Division of the US Air Force – a man who once called CLORG “friend.”


In this episode of “The Conpiracy Theorists,” we are privy to a secret hacked Area 51 briefing which has a lot of information about where CLORG came from and his interactions on the Earth.

What does CLORG look like when he’s not inhabiting a host body?  Below are photos of CLORG in his original form taken at Area 51 in 1987. 

Cute, huh?

Click image to enlarge.

Click image to enlarge.

Where is planet Gugu-Gee? 

Gugu-Gee is a colorful slimy orb which exists in the brightest galaxy (NGC-4696) of the constellation Centaurus (Centaurus Cluster). The planet is approximately 145,000,000 light years from Earth.

Click image to enlarge.

Gugu-Gee-ans are a benevolent parasitic species with the ability to inhabit a human body. (But only if the person is already dead, a clone … or in rare cases a living human who has given explicit permission to cohabitate.)

How do they enter a human?  Where do they settle?  [Answer: Prefrontal Cortex.]

Click image to enlarge.

While a “guest” of Area 51, CLORG was given the body of a young fallen soldier who had donated his corpse to science. 

And he found himself undergoing quite a transformation.

On Planet Gugu-Gee there is no theater, there is no music, there is no art.  Gugu-Gee-ans are normally quite practical, scientific, and stoic … but something happens when they co-mingle with a human.  Colors become brighter, emotions deeper … they have dreams … and nightmares.  It is quite an intense ride! 

Fascinatingly CLORG developed a love of theater and the arts during his first months on earth, and with the permission of Colonel Tully, he formed the Area 51 Players – spearheading several productions of classic musicals. 

Such as …

CLORG in West Side Story with the Area 51 Players.  Click image to enlarge.

CLORG in Guys and Dolls with the Area 51 Players.  Click image to enlarge.

CLORG became good friends with the man who was basically his jailer at Area 51, Colonel Jerome Tully.

CLORG in his new body on the left and Colonel Tully on the right.  Click image to enlarge.

CLORG’s downfall at Area 51

Eventually, CLORG’s insatiable love of the theater could no longer be contained within the confines of Area 51, and he grew restless.  He began to sneak off the base to participate in a community theater production of the play, “Butterflies Are Free” at nearby Las Vegas Little Theater.

And he got caught.

CLORG sneaks off to perform in a production of Butterflies Are Free off the base.  Click image to enlarge.

At that time in 1988, Colonel Tully now had a difficult order to follow … to impound CLORG in a deep hibernation chamber to keep him from escaping the base.  

With a sad heart, Tully enclosed CLORG in the DHC. 

The top secret hibernation technology available at that time greatly slowed the aging process of the occupant, but it was not like being frozen cryogenically.  It was more like being a hibernating like a bear.  It was intended to slow aging by 95%, and a feeding tube oozed a slow nourishment drip into the occupant.  (And other tubes got rid of waste.)

CLORG escapes.  Click image to enlarge.


And so he spent 32 years in a broken chamber … that aged him 32 years. 

Not only that, his feeding tube was damaged too, so when CLORG woke up one day, his body was 53 years old and 300 pounds.

Click image to enlarge.

Then on January 26th, 2020, CLORG’s broken hibernation chamber unexpectedly popped open, and he escaped. 

Images of his escape were captured on a security cam …

Click image to enlarge.

CLORG had two tasks ahead.  His first was purely to escape from Area 51 and to the East to find a new home base.  [Hint, it was in Austin.]

Below are his first 7 transmissions on the way to his new home base.


And once CLORG established his new home base, it was then time to revisit his ORIGINAL EARTH MISSION – the reason he was sent here – to create a travel and lifestyle show called VACATION EARTH for consumption on his home planet of Gugu-Gee – a show to inspire his fellow “worm” inhabitants of the slime planet Gugu-Gee to take a holiday here on Earth! 

Below is a one minute trailer of some of CLORG’s adventures on … VACATION EARTH.  Join him on his journey!


Click here to watch past episodes of Vacation Earth!



In this music video CLORG sings the brand new original song by Amity Rose, “Spread the Love.”

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