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Vacation Earth - web show - last 10 episodes

These transmissions of the alien CLORG were intercepted en route to Gugu-Gee — a planet thought to exist in the brightest galaxy (NGC-4696) of the constellation Centaurus (Centaurus Cluster). Gugu-Gee is approximately 145,000,000 light years from Earth. Gugu-Gee-ans are a benevolent parasitic species — looking very much like a worm, and they have the ability to inhabit a human body.

CLORG is apparently on a quest to find a new home base and to fulfill his mission to create a classy travel and lifestyle show called VACATION EARTH for consumption on his home planet. These transmissions were not intended for human eyes! 

Vacation Earth – Ep 119 – “Should We Be Nice to Each Other? [A DoorDash Story]”

After you deliver an order with DoorDash, your contact with the customer then ends and the address is erased. If you took a photo of the food at the door, your communication can carry on a little bit after the drop via text. But can be cut off at any moment. When I made a mistake on a delivery at a very confusing address, I felt the best course of action was to be nice, drive back, and try and correct it. (Rather than ignoring, moving on, and letting them get a refund with DoorDash.)

Vacation Earth – Ep 118 – “The Return of Richard and the Man Cave”

Richard from Episode 058 (Venice Beach) returns and talks about his special relationship with his man cave on wheels.

Vacation Earth – Ep 117 – “A Human Tries to Scam CLORG! [DoorDash]”

A Human Tries to Scam CLORG! And CLORG almost falls for it.

Vacation Earth – Ep 116 – “CLORG Visits the Museum of Appalachia”

This one is from the archives this summer in Tennessee. The museum of Appalachia is home to some fascinating southern mountain history. Check it out!

Vacation Earth – Ep 115 – “An Alien’s Guide to Being Sick in a Human Body”

CLORG is sick this week and finds there are some complications that arise when sneezing.

Vacation Earth – Ep 114 – “CLORG Communes with the Cactus at Saguaro National Park – [Arizona]”

CLORG loves him some Saguaro Cactuses … Cacti??? Anyway, this is THE place to see this beautiful cactus in abundance. The 8 mile one-way loop is good for an overview with some hikes that branch off along the way.

Vacation Earth – Ep 113 – “Hello Crystal Cove State Park – California”

Well, hello, Crystal Cove State Park. CLORG experiences this popular destination along the California Coast.

Vacation Earth – Ep 112 – “Heisler Park in Laguna – OMG – It’s So Gorgeous!”

A human who cut my hair at Supercuts told me I needed to check out Heisler Park. I’m glad I gave her a very generous tip because she deserved it for the tip she gave me! (And the great hair cut.) This is such a heavenly park, very easy to walk, plenty of access to the beaches below..

Vacation Earth – Ep 111 – “CLORG Teaches You How to Be a DoorDash Driver”

If you’re not independently wealthy (or visiting from another planet and in possession of a transmuter — which turns ordinary garbage into precious stones and metals) — then you might need to find ways to make extra money on the road. Driving for DoorDash is one possible solution. You can do it on your own schedule, and the pay is respectable. Let CLORG give you humans a quick look at how to be a DoorDash Driver.

Vacation Earth – Ep 110 – “Happy Holidays, Happy New Year from CLORG”

And before you know it, 2023 is upon us. That year went fast, didn’t it, Humans and Gugu-Gee-ans? I hope during this Human Holiday Season you are all spending time with real family or chosen family. Spread the love. And don’t forget to celebrate “Gugu-Guh-Jef-Fef” and shed your skin.

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In this music video CLORG sings the brand new original song by Amity Rose, “Spread the Love.”


In this episode of “The Conpiracy Theorists,” we are privy to a secret hacked Area 51 briefing which has a lot of information about where CLORG came from and his interactions on the Earth.

Vacation Earth – Ep 046 – “CLORG’S Other Favorite Place – Goblin Valley State Park” [Southern Utah]

CLORG thought that Bryce Canyon would be his favorite place on his Southwest Tour, but he wasn’t counting on the AMAZING Goblin Valley State Park, an hour and 40 minutes from Moab.

Vacation Earth – Ep 060 – “CLORG Begins His Weight Loss Journey” (LOSE IT! APP, UNPROCESSED FOODS)

CLORG announces a new component to his continuing mission — to get healthier and lose weight. His strategy includes using the Lose It! App to count calories (until it becomes more naturally intuitive). Exercise and eaten more whole, unprocessed foods is also part of his strategy.

Vacation Earth – Ep 042 – “CLORG’s Favorite Place So Far – Bryce Canyon National Park” [UTAH]

Well fellow Gugu-Gee-ans, CLORG is so happy to bring you his favorite place so far on his Southwest Tour — Bryce Canyon National Park. This is a very detailed tour of his hikes in the park.

Vacation Earth – Ep 040 – “CLORG’s Hardest Workout – Kayaking to Antelope Canyon” [Page, Arizona]

CLORG takes on his hardest workout so far — Kayaking on Lake Powell 90 minutes to Antelope Canyon, hiking for 2 hours, then Kayaking back. “What an amazing … and a challenging day,” said CLORG.