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BrainFire Entertainment was sent these transmissions of the alien CLORG by the mysterious hacker group #UFOLove. They claim this series of digital offerings were intercepted en route to Gugu-Gee — a planet thought to exist in the brightest galaxy (NGC-4696) of the constellation Centaurus (Centaurus Cluster). Gugu-Gee is approximately 145,000,000 light years from Earth. Gugu-Gee-ans are a benevolent parasitic species — looking very much like a worm, and they have the ability to inhabit a human body. CLORG is apparently on a quest to find a new home base and to fulfill his mission to create a classy travel and lifestyle show called VACATION EARTH for consumption on his home planet. These transmissions were not intended for human eyes! 

Vacation Earth – Ep 018 – “CLORG’s Art Corner – Ms. Pearl the Squirrel”

Welcome to “CLORG’s Art Corner” – where he extols the virtues of his new found passion – fine art. On his home planet of Gugu-Gee there is no art to speak of. It’s a whole new world.
#vacationearthseries #clorgspreadthelove

Vacation Earth – Ep 017 – “Dino Fever!!!”

In this episode CLORG, the benevolent alien from planet Gugu-Gee, finds dinosaur tracks millions of years old and catches Dino Fever.
#vacationearthseries #clorgspreadthelove

Vacation Earth – Ep 016 – “CLORG’s First Solo Camp in the 2021 RangeRunner – A Novice Sets Up Camp””

In this episode novice camper CLORG sets up camp on his first solo camping trip in his new 2021 RangeRunner camper.
#vacationearthseries #clorgspreadthelove

Vacation Earth – Ep 015 – “Welcome to the Texas Polar Vortex”

CLORG desires having the human experience through the Polar Vortex which cripples the Texas power grid.
#vacationearthseries #clorgspreadthelove

Vacation Earth – Ep 014 – “Breaking in the Camper – Fontainebleau State Park”

Clorg and his Earthling friend, Gordon, make an overnight stop at Fontainebleau State Park in Louisiana, as they continue their journey back to “home base.”
#vacationearthseries #clorgspreadthelove

Vacation Earth – Ep 013 – “Tour of CLORG’s New 2021 RangeRunner by Runaway Campers”

In this episode we get a detailed tour of CLORG’s new traveling machine, the 2021 RangeRunner camper by Runaway Campers. (https://runawaycampers.com/rangerunner)
#vacationearthseries #clorgspreadthelove

Vacation Earth – Ep 012 – “Journey with a Kind Human… to Florida… to Pick Up the New Camper”

With a new companion, CLORG makes the journey to Florida to pick up his brand new mini camper.
#vacationearthseries #clorgspreadthelove

Vacation Earth – Ep 011 – “Stay Away from Earth – Pandemic”

CLORG warns his fellow Gugu-Gee-ans against traveling to Earth during the Pandemic while he shelters in place on his space ship.
#vacationearthseries #clorgspreadthelove

Vacation Earth – Ep 010 – “Home of the Great Pecan” [Seguin, Texas]

CLORG makes a pilgrimage to the world’s largest pecan, and the conditions seem right to contact his lost ship.
#vacationearthseries #clorgspreadthelove

Vacation Earth – Ep 009 – “Some Enchanted Afternoon… at Enchanted Rock”

CLORG discovers a magical Enchanted Rock as he further attempts to make contact with his ship.
#vacationearthseries #clorgspreadthelove

Vacation Earth – Ep 008 – “New Friend, New Digs, New ‘Ship'”

CLORG meets a new friend who provides a place to stay — and a new “ship” — while he gets on his feet.
#vacationearthseries #clorgspreadthelove

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In this music video CLORG sings the brand new original song by Amity Rose, “Spread the Love.”


In this episode of “The Conpiracy Theorists,” we are privy to a secret hacked Area 51 briefing which has a lot of information about where CLORG came from and his interactions on the Earth.