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“FOLLOW THE LIEDER” – Episode 13

[Final Episode]


In the final episode of the series Agent Jacks brings the PUS group together to reveal Gunther’s murderer!  All will be revealed.

“JACKS ON THE CASE” – Episode 12


New interviews and a new Gunther video lead Agent Jacks closer to Gunther’s murderer … and the Illuminati.

“BUNKER FOR TWO” – Episode 11


Continuing our Musical Fever Dream series which journeys inside the minds of some of our conspiracy theorists, we now enter the subconscious dreamscape of Dora (or is it Dutch?) as she explores her desire to commit to Dutch and downsize to a subterranean Tiny House! A bunker for two!

“POPPYCOCK” – Episode 10


Dutch tries for some precious alone time with Dora but is interrupted by the rest of the gang. Billy Boojay is on the run. And Nixon and Miss Lily both face their FBI interrogations while Agent Jacks and Fuster get closer to the truth.



Lady M, aka movie star Phoebe Saint, has her big FBI interview and is in freak-out mode. AL – BIGFOOT LIVES! also has his interview, but he’s more concerned about supporting Phoebe. Meanwhile, Jacks is playing a few mind games with Fuster in their ongoing power struggle.

“IN VINO VERITAS” – Episode 08


This episode is continues in the Musical Fever Dream series to journey inside the minds of some of our conspiracy theorists. Follow the subconscious dreamscape of Agent Athena Jacks as she negotiates her mysterious and painful past and decides whether she will once and for all put away childish things.

Featuring the brand new song, “Puttin’ Away Childish Things” written for cello and voice by Amity Rose.  Performed by Serena Ebony Miller.



Agents Jacks and Fuster continue their investigation, making their way through the list of possible suspects.  Today: Irene222, who is confronted with a damning video discovered by Jacks.  Fuster continues to go his own way, testing Jacks’ patience.  But she’s in no mood play.

“TOP SECRET AREA 51 VIDEO” – Episode 06


Here it is … the Top Secret Area 51 video that #UFOLove was able to procure with his prodigious hacking skills. We find out everything we want to know about the origin of Clorg on the earth.



Members of PUS (People Uncovering Subterfuge) meet up to lick their wounds and compare notes after the tragedy. Meanwhile Jacks is hot on the trail of Gunther’s killer. She tracks down the murder weapon, and is on to interview one of the suspects who ran, #UFOLove.

“FOLLOW THE LIEDER” – Episode 04


This episode is a musical interlude and a brief break from the narrative of the story to journey inside the minds of some of our conspiracy theorists. Follow the subconscious dreamscape of Irene222 and her love for Gunther.

If you want to rap along with Gunther, the German text is in the youtube description!



In place of an episode this week, we present you with a video one of our cast members, Brian Dykstra, had a hand in making.

The artists who created this invite you to download the track and make a video that tells your own story in pictures.

Download from Apple

“SERPICO TIME” – Episode 03


Gunther believes the Illuminati are trying to kill him. He may have been right. Three months prior to being murdered during a meeting of the conspiracy theorists, he contacts the FBI with his fears. 

“BIGFOOT LOVE” – Episode 02


Following the shocking end to the bi-monthly meeting of People Uncovering Subterfuge (PUS) — which the uninitiated lemmings might describe as a conspiracy theorists’ group — AL – BIGFOOT LIVES! attempts to reach out to a member of the group to offer some solace with a brand new song he wrote.

The episode features the brand new song, “King of Them All,” music by Amity Rose, lyrics by Stephen Bittrich. 

“THE APRIL 2020 MEETING” – Episode 01


Dutch leads the bimonthly meeting of his group of conspiracy theorists.  Tonight’s topic is a change in plans for their spring retreat due to the virus.  Gunther wants to discuss threats on his life from the Illuminati.  No one takes him seriously. 



Meet the Conspiracy Theorists group, “People Uncovering Subterfuge,” a ragtag band of followers who are for the most part a kinder, gentler cabal, welcoming women and people of color and who yearn for an outlet to vent in a world that sometimes makes no frickin’ sense.